About Us

Ragnarok Farms was established in 2010 by Mom and Dad. Dad always wanted a farm and Mom missed her long lost summers on her Grandparentsí farm. When the opportunity came to purchase a farm in the beautiful heartland of Iowa they took it. Later that year they were joined by their daughter and her family to help establish and run the farm.

After reclaiming the land from the thick underbrush, they sat down and decided what products to have on the farm.

Being an avid pie lover, Dad wanted to start an orchard. Apple, pear, peach, and cherry trees were planted and we are waiting until they are mature enough to bear fruit. Having an orchard means pollination is a key role in production. To assist in pollination a small apiary was established on the farm. The bees not only provide pollination but honey and other products.

Mom has always loved creating things in the kitchen. Not only was a garden a must for her wonderful home canning and salsa but farm fresh eggs as well. Rhode Island Red and Araucana chickens will soon give the farm their wonderful eggs.

Always a crafter their daughter learned how to spin from local shepherds and immediately fell in love. A small flock of Romney sheep was established after an apprenticeship at another local farm. The flock continues to grow and provides the farm with many products.

Waiting Trees